Not Much Happening

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

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Hi everyone

Well as the title says not much has been happening here apart from it being bloody hot and humid so much for the rainy season in Thailand. When we left India at the end of March we thought and had read that Thailand gets a big wet season, well here we are at the end of August and yes we are still waiting.

Popped down to Patong last Saturday for a few hours and saw for myself the problem they have with the Pollution on Patong beach. The sea is very dirty and there are not many swimmers if any at all.

There is a lot of tourists about which surprised me as this is meant to be the quite season, but the people that are making the money are the Para ascending guys on the beach. It will cost you £30 for a 2 minute fly and believe me people are queuing up for a ride. At one time I saw 6 in the air at once so a lot of money around.

Have to go to Phuket town today and send away my visa forms for India less then 4 weeks before we are back in Goa, and I have to admit I am looking forward to it, so is the other half.

With nothing to report I have found a few pictures of myself during my early army days hope you enjoy them.

And finally thanks to everyone who has brought my book and Im glad you all enjoyed it.

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