Arrived In India

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

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Well here we are again back in India and the house has survived the monsoons well impressed. We left Phuket and arrived in Bangkok without any problems at all, and after a quick bus ride to Don Mueang airport (1 hour) we checked in. The flight to Chennai was delayed by 2.5 hours. So it was a case of find a chair sit back and chill out.

The Plane finally arrived and away we went and oh my word what a bouncy flight. The rain and wind pounded us all the way and the better half was nearly in tears for most of the journey. I myself just sat there calm and just read the in flight magazine but inside I was thinking this is not good.

We finally arrived at Chennai at midnight and was very surprised to see my name being held up on a piece of paper, I was sure there would be no one there but how wrong I was. The hotel was clean and we got a good nights sleep.

Back to the airport that morning to catch the flight to Goa and that was delayed by an hour but it happens and we just sit back and wait. Our friend was at the airport to meet us and after the initial hugs we were on our way to the house.

During the drive we noticed nothing had changed at all. They still drive like lunatics, and they just love overtaking on a bend. A car will overtake a bike but the bus wants to overtake the car because he is bigger, so on coming traffic just pulls over if there is room or mounts the path if there is not. Everybody drives with their hand on the horn, thats if they are not texting. Welcome back to India thats the way they do things here and you just go with the flow.

We left a lot of our stuff in the house and it was still there but had grown a nice overcoat of mould, damp call it what ever but it stunk, so the washing machine was busy for 3 days. The house was nice and clean which was a bonus and had been repainted by the owner. After 2 days the satellite was installed, a new TV had been brought and all the sports channels were there perfect, oh and of course the movie channels and 100s of others.

The season has nt started yet mid November is when it really kicks in, so its great to wander around and watching the locals get ready. The shacks on the beach will start appearing end of October and its impressive to watch how they get built, no health and safety over here.

It is great to be back I did not think I would miss the Dust that envelopes you on the road when you are on the moped. The huge holes you have to negotiate that litter the road while watching out for buses. And the beeb beeb that everyone does even me, but I did miss it and the people of course.

Took a few pictures on our way over to here, and had a few deleted by security staff at airports boring sods ha ha. Will update the blog in a week or so Cheers.

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