The Shacks Are Appearing

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

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With the Shack holders getting their licences last week that was the start of the shack invasion on the beach. The owners were out on the beach measuring their plot and making sure they got every inch which they were entitled too. In went the corner posts and that was telling their neighbours this is our land. I wonder if it was like that in the days of digging for gold (my plot).

Anyway so the beach will be a hive of activity for the next 10 days with these little and some not so little huts popping up all over the place. They are allowed to have 10 sun beds per shack but everyone has more. They are all in touch with each other and when the police arrive on the beach the word spreads like wild fire. They will ask you politely to jump of your bed (which is not a problem as you do not want the shack to be fined) and it is taken away. The police only see 10 beds but there are 30 people standing in the shack just milling around. The police get a drink then its slaps on the back a shake of hands something is passed i.e. a bit of money, and the owner has his certificate saying he only has 10 beds, and thats him for another month, its great being here.!

The weather has been good still warm up around the low 30s but now and then a little rain. Next month should see the temperature  drop a little bit but who knows ??.

More and more tourists are arriving mainly Russian they come for a 2 or 3 weeks holiday and they love it. I can only compare it to the Brits when we started to go to Spain, you know the Costa Del Sol’s of this world. Sunning themselves  all day, eating all different kinds of food, and getting wasted at night well thats what the Russians do. And why Not ?

Apart from that I am well hitting the gym 5 days a week ,the power cuts are getting less frequent which is good, but the roads are still chaotic and dangerous.

So if I survive the mayhem on the roads I should be back here doing an update in about a weeks time or earlier if anything important happens.

Finally a big Thank  You to all those that have bought my book in the last 2 weeks THANKS.

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