Hi Guys,  trying out different advertising for my  eBook.

As you know its now available in Paperback and getting

some great reviews. A couple of 5 stars on Amazon, not

bad for a first time author.

I cannot put the Amazon Link here , but if you go through

the website, you will get the link and its Free Delivery In UK.

Again Thanks To  You All For The Support

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Hi everyone now I have sorted myself out after writing about Tic believe me that was hard work. I would like to inform you all that after popular demand my book is now available in hard copy.

So its AMAZON for all you Kindle lovers, and SMASHWORDS for all other E pub platforms, and finally CREATESPACE for the hard copy. And Of course  Amazon for Paperback and free UK delivery

All links to the above available through my website.

Thank you for all your support.


Our Baby Tic.

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When you travel around Asia as much as we have you are going to come across some sad sights. Now what is sad and cruel to us Europeans is quite the norm to the Asian population which I found out while living in Phuket Thailand.

Now I will confess I have never been much of a dog lover thats because as a kid I got bit by one ( my fault ) and we never had one as a pet. This particular dog kept coming around the house and just sitting there watching us, the amount of times I waved my arms at it and shooooood  it away was hundreds but it kept coming back. One day I was watching the dog at its owners house and was amazed at what I saw. The kids would throw stones and sticks at it and the owners would give it a quick kick and shout at it.

So over I went and tried in a polite way that what they are doing is wrong and cruel to the dog. The owner just laughed in my face and walked away. Now I was pi—- off and this time told him and his kids if that happens again ie throwing stones or kicking the dog then they will have me to deal with simple as that.

Couple of days went by and the kids where throwing stones at the dog in front of the owner, so over I went bollocked the kids told the owner if he stands up I will sit him on his arse and informed him as of now this is my dog.

Sitting on the balcony with my new friend I noticed she had a couple of Tics on her so I pulled them off, in fact I took 100 plus Tics of her and so her name became TIC. A visit to the vet was in order as she was pregnant so that had to get addressed and a few jabs later she was back home. We did not bother with dog food it was chicken and fish for the next couple of weeks and the pounds started to go on.

One day she went missing and we hunted everywhere I even said to her old owner if you have took her I will burn down your house he denied everything. The next day she was sat on the steps with her front feet cut and bleeding, so of to the chemist got some iodine and bandaged her up. Someone had took  her and locked her up but she got away.

After a few months we where moving to north Thailand so that was it she was coming with us, into the pick up she jumped and away we went. So that was how we got the dog and called her Tic.

When we went to Cambodia we flew down to Bangkok with Tic in the hold and I kept saying to the air hostess make sure the pilot keeps the air on for my dog. We walked through the Cambodian Border together not a problem and moved into our new house in Siem Reap. We had a massive garden which she loved and it was hers. Anyone that entered it did so at their own risk she was now a 30 kilo bitch who would protect Mum and Dad at all costs.

But the time came when we had to move we knew this would come eventually but when it did it hit me like a truck I was devastated and so was the better half I am even welling up writing this. We found her a good home a Brit and a big dog lover and we still keep in touch with them and see pictures of her.

So I am now a big dog lover and one day when I settle down and stop moving around I will have loads of them,but I will never find another Tic.

Thought I would do a quick blogg about my book which is selling well I must admit I did not think I would sell one. For those of you that have no idea of what I am on about well here goes.

I have wrote a book about my unhappy childhood and my 22 years 268 days service in the British Army. I joined at 17 years of age and left as a Warrant Officer Class1 (RSM) at the age of 40.

So I decided about 18 months ago to put pen to paper and write about my early life and about all the fun and cock ups that I made during my service, and there was a few believe me.

The book also shows there is more to life in the Army then just marching around in Barracks and getting shouted at, hopefully I have shown there is a lot of fun to be had while serving.

Would love to get the book out to the young ones who are thinking about a career in the Army but keep hitting dead ends, any ideas will be taken on board.

The book is also available on Amazon for kindle and Smashwords for all other Epub platforms.

Here are some of your book reviews.

Gary Bishop
46 minutes ago ·
I just want to plug this book, no matter if you have served in the RCT or even the Army or neither this book is a riveting read! It follows one man’s life from being a 17 year old with not many prospects, through to serving 22 years in The British Army in The Royal Corps of Transport. Go on give it a read…

Jim Hicks There is no problem what so ever. Having served with you a couple of times and reading the good and the bad brought back memories. Especially one, that I won’t spoil for others. You lot get on line and buy. Steve has done something we thought about and once you read you can relate. Well done me ole mate

Just read your book mate , brilliant , but how do you remember so much detail about stuff i got a terrible memory, i dont normally read , so the missis was shocked when i sat all night reading it , anyway well done mate , you deserved to get to top of the tree (some didn’t) as for me they fucked me a few times, but like you said  they couldn’t get me pregnant

George Redpath Just finished the book Ossie, brilliant !!!!!! Didn’t know that our place was for the bad boys !! What the f””k did I do wrong ha ha !!!!!! We had to scrim up pods !! Even in the 1st Gulf war which I thought was shite . But yes would recommend to anyone.

Sorry couldn’t wait ,chapter 10 it takes me back all those years ago,I have laughed out load and also a tear in the eye,I didn’t have a good start in life but not half as bad as you why don’t you get your book into print it would be a best seller mate. charlie dennis linthwaite

Finished the book fantastic get in print and would be a great keepsake,an honor knowing you Ozzie ,have a good life my friend and remember they can’t make you pregnant ha ha Charlie dennis linthwaite

If anyone was in the Army late/70`s, 80`s and the 90`s then they can relate to this book. Cracking John Cutler

Finished your book in 2 Days Ossie. Brought back many many memories. Look forward to you getting it published and getting a hard copy…Well Done Paul Moore

Visa Run To Malaysia Part 2

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What a train journey that was 14 hours stop and start all the way. We got to the border with Malaysia after about an hour and went through the system getting stamped out of Thailand and stamped into Malaysia, this takes about 30 minutes to get everyone through then we were off to KL.

It just amazes me that people will let their kids run wild. There was this Muslim family that was on the train ie the sleeper carriage and the old man goes of to get himself some food and then comes back and goes to bed. This leaves the wife who does not care what her kids do to chat with other people.

The kids are aged about 4-6 and are climbing all over other peoples bed and nobody says a word. Well at about 11pm I had had enough and told them not in the quietest of voices to ” shut up and sit down and behave” instant silence from them and the mother.

The train stops at other stations and more people get on and off , but the racket they make getting on is unreal they have no respect for other people. Phones are on they are talking and laughing this is about 0230hrs now.

Anyway got a few hours sleep and then I was up at 0500hrs and boy did I make some noise, I left the door to the carriage open and the noise from the train moving woke them all up ha ha. Really surprised by the Thais and Malaysians but I suppose thats Asia kids run wild and parents dont give a crap.

We went straight to the Thai Embassy and done the paperwork and was out of there for about 10am. We then went to the hotel where we got checked in straight away. We now had the day to ourselves so we chilled out for a bit then it was into KL centrum for some food and a wonder around the shops.

Friday morning after breakfast we went back to the Embassy and collected our visas and checked out of the hotel. This is the boring part now we have a 8 hour wait for the train as it does not leave until 2130hrs.

So we settle down at the station and continue with our hobby people watching ha ha, drink coffee, a bit more people watching and so on bloody boring but what else is there to do at a station and no I do not collect numbers.

The journey back was a lot quieter and got back into Thailand at about 1000am. We then got a tuk tuk to the bus station and caught the 1145 bus to Phuket. 7 hours later we are home wow what a long journey but it was worth it another 60 days in Thailand and then we will be off to India.

When you look at the pictures take particular interest to the one which shows the back of a man at a door check out his jeans ha ha he still has the shop label on the jeans Regular size 55 did nt have the heart to tell him.

Visa Run To Malaysia

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Springing out of bed at 0730hrs. I could hear the wind howling and the rain battering down onto the house, oh great it has not rained for a week and now the day that I am travelling it decides to hammer down. So I give the better half a kick and we start to get ready.

Breakfast finished and it is around 0930hrs now and the rain eases of great news as I need to ride the motor bike to the bus station which is about a 30 min drive. 2 small rucksacks that is all we are taking as we are only away for 5 days and off we go to Phuket bus station.

The rain held of and we arrived with plenty of time to spare bus is not going until 1130am. We park the bike in a secure parking area which cost us 150Baht ( £3.50p ) not bad for 5 days parking, it will most likely be stripped when we get back but we will see.

The journey to Hat Yai takes about 7 hours as it does pick ups on the way, the bus is clean with reclining seats and a toilet on board and the cost is £8.00p each one way. Along the way we pull into a road side cafe and you can get a meal there if you want, I got chicken, rice and veg and on showing your bus ticket you get 50% discount so it cost me 70p thank you.

Arrived in Hat yai at about 1900hrs and got a tuk tuk to the Tunes hotel, you need to be firm with these drivers as they all think we are a walking cash point. Some are saying 250 Baht even a 300 Baht is heard, not a chance. There he is a tuk tuk sat by its self away from the other drivers trying to rip you off. He smiled and I asked how much he was going to charge for 2 people going to the hotel 100 Baht for both of you £2.50p instead of £7.50p.

The Hotel is right next to the train station 300mtr and right next to everything you need shops cafes. We chucked the bags into the room and went out to get a meal which was not hard to find. Had a quick walk around the town and back in for about 10pm and got an early night.

Wednesday 24 July weather is good there is blue sky and I have toothache what a bummer thats all I need, so its off to the chemist where you can buy anything you want over the counter. So I get myself some Penicillin tablets and will have to wait and see what happens.

The train does not leave until 1600hrs so we can have a quick wonder around get some food and snacks for the journey and enjoy the overnight train ride, should get into kuala Lumpa at 0630am fingers x.

Just put some more pictures on my 1st blogg the one where we moved to Portugal and had our bar in Albufeira great times.

A big thank you for all those that have brought my book I really am surprised at how well it has done, available now in Kindle and even selling now on Amazon. 

Also thanks to all those that have visited my Web Site and this blogg I will try and keep you up to date with whats happening.

This Tuesday we are off to Malaysia to do a visa run, Bus , Train will have the lap top with us so will post pictures and comments. 

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Bangtoa is a small village about 20 ks north of Patong and there is nothing here at all. Its got the normal Thai shops and a couple of markets and that is about it.

What attracts people here is the beach with its 5 star hotels so if your looking to stay at the hotel for your holiday then thats fine but if you want to get about and see things then you will need to rent a bike or pay for taxies which are not cheap.

Bangtoa is 99% Muslim thats not a problem I have been made more then welcome in their community but its the mosques that wake you at 0530 every morning and on and off during the day but I am trying to get used to it.

As I said in a previous blogg I made the wrong choice I should have gone back down to Karon or Patong there is so much more to do down there. Anyway enjoy the pictures of the beach and the surrounding areas.

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As promised yesterday another load of pictures and this time they are all taken in and around Siem Reap. Siem Reap is the nearest town to Anchor Watt it has good hotels great food stalls and eating houses plus a Bar Street.

I have already wrote about Cambodia in a previous blogg so I will just let the Pictures do the talking. Visiting Cambodia should be on everyone’s bucket list, you come to Siem Reap to visit the Anchor Watt Temples and then you jump on the one of many buses and go to Phnom Phen and visit the Killing fields. Check out previous blogg and pictures.

Cambodia was a big yes for me the people are great and very friendly, and I just loved their attitude towards life which is.

I know I don’t have much money and maybe earn $2 a day, I may not have a telly and fancy furniture, but as long as I have my family with me and there’s a little bit of food for everyone then I am happy.

Anyway enjoy the pictures will be somewhere different tomorrow.

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Well its been a quite couple of days over here in Thailand and the weather has been pretty hot and humid so much for the monsoons ha ha.  Popped down to Patong on Saturday for the afternoon on the bike, got there and back with out any incidents which is rare when you drive over here.

Have been pulled by the Police twice already 300 Baht a time no helmet my own fault I know, so now I wear it everywhere I  go. Did not go to the gym over the weekend gave the OLD body a rest but I am hitting it hard this week as we are of to Malaysia next Tuesday so I will be gym free for 5 days.

Booked the flight tickets to India today so thats all done only the Visas to get, and will do that at the end of August.  So I have managed to find a load more pictures of where we have travelled and decided to put them on here for you to have a nose. We will start with Malta and carry on from there, hope you enjoy them and this will keep me busy for the next couple of days