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With the power cuts happening every day sometimes for a minimum of 2- 3 hours, and when we are resorting to keeping our milk in cold water in the sink! it was vital that we got something done. And this comes with the magic of an inverter . So we had a chat to the land lord, well more like a complaint really and he agreed that the power cuts were severe and it was not good for his clients, so being the good landlord that he is (he reads this blog!) he ordered the inverter.Now we have a 850 Watt battery sat in a cabinet waiting for the power to go off. Its brilliant when the power goes off it powers into life and keeps the TV on great for when I’m watching footie, four fans are still turning and we have three lights working.

There are a lot more people here now from all over Europe but mainly Russians they are expecting 200,000 this season and that out numbers the Brits that are coming here by a long way. The cost of a 6 months Visa to India (minimum) is just under £100 pounds(for us Brits) which is very expensive if you are only coming here for 3 weeks or for a month. The Russians get a Visa on arrival which is a lot less then what we pay, but the Indians are thinking about doing a Visa on arrival for the rest of Europe as well (Dont hold your breath).

All the shacks are up and running and the sun beds are getting more and more. They are only allowed 20 beds per shack but no one takes any notice of that. If the Police come onto the beach there are look outs everywhere and they make a quick phone call to the shacks and the beds miraculously vanish. The sea is still a bit rough but that does not deter the Indian tourists from getting really drunk (the drink is cheaper in the state of Goa than elsewhere in India) and floundering in the surf, its a nightmare for the life guards who are constantly telling them to get out, but it falls on deaf ears. I’ve pulled out a couple myself, alive thankfully!!

The cows are still roaming the beach much to the amazement of the tourists who are out there clicking away with their cameras, well its not every day you see a heard of cows having a paddle. There was one cow that took a shine to me and would not go away, it liked its picture being taken and loved me scratching his head. After a while I had to push it away from me because it was following me around!! well at least I have found a friend.

There is a lovely restaurant that we go to a couple of times a week, the food is good and its only about 50 yards from our house. Anyway we got invited to the wedding of the owners son last Saturday which was quite an honour. So with our best togs on we made our way to the church and waited for the Bride and Groom to turn up. It was a catholic wedding with full mass. So we got there a bit early to get some pics of the groom and then the bride arriving, only to discover them already there having a chat outside!!. Its done a little bit different over here as the Bride and Groom enter the church together. They have already had their photos taken outside separately, the groom with the best man and the Bride with her bridesmaids. But thats the way they do it here and I must admit it was worth while seeing even though it was roasting.(33 degrees!!)

With the temperature up in the 30s it is very hot during the day but it does drop off at night but only slightly. Anyway thats about it for the moment so I will trundle down to the beach get a sun bed and chill. Thank you to all of you that have purchased my book in the last couple of weeks and I hope you enjoyed the book. If anyone is interested in buying it then please go to where you will find the different options for buying the book.

Take care Steve.