Surin beach Phuket

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

We went out the other night with a couple and their daughter for a Thai BBQ the occasion was to celebrate her birthday. A Thai BBQ  is a bit different from how we do a BBQ. Firstly you go up to a very long table and choose from a great selection, want you want to cook, i.e. different meats/fish and veg and take it back to your table.

Then the waiter brings you your own personal BBQ for the table, it is filled with red hot coals, and all you do is put your food on top of the lid that has holes in and away you go, get cooking. I must admit it was different but really enjoyable and the place was packed, and very hot what with all those different BBQ


going all at once.   We had a great night in great company.

I thought I would take a trip down to the beach today, so after going to the gym for an hour and a bit, and having lunch I jumped onto the bike and drove the short distance of 3 ks to the beach.

Even though this is the quite season for Thailand I was still surprised to see so many on the beach and in the beach restaurants. The sea was a bit rough and the usual die hards where in there trying to beat the waves.

As I sat on the rocks gazing out to sea I couldn’t help thinking am I getting board with Thailand. Having lived here a number of times now over the years I am starting to think I have done it, seen it, got the t- shirt. Please, do not get me wrong its a lovely country but over the last couple of years its starting to loose its appeal.

Once, this was known as the land of the smiles, but not any more especially down in the tourist areas. Tourism is down as it is everywhere but the Thais still think we are a walking ATM. A couple of years ago if you bought something from a shop the assistant would be smiling and grateful that you shopped in their store. Now they don’t even bother to acknowledge you, it seems to be a effort for them. They have had it good for to long and are not impressed that other countries like Cambodia, or Vietnam are on the up.

I am looking forward to going back to India at the end of September for 6 months and I am not sure if I will return to Thailand or Asia. Who knows I may return to Europe NO not England but maybe Zagreb again or Bulgaria.

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