Days To Do Are Getting Few

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

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So its been a couple of weeks since I last posted something on my blog and the reason for that is , that nothing has really happened. Going to the gym 6 mornings a week and then maybe popping to the beach in the afternoon with the better half and thats been my day.

All our travel arrangements were completed ie flights , transport , hotel etc and then up pops an email from orient Thai saying that the flight from Phuket to Bangkok has been cancelled with no reason given. So back onto the web and searched for another flight to get us there on time so we can get the connection to Chenni (India) on the same day. And yes we will get our money back for the cancelled flight 6 – 8 weeks.

The better half has already packed I think she is trying to tell me something, I will pack on Saturday or Sunday. It does not take long to pack 1 holdall with about 20 kgs. Today is Thursday and we are away on Monday morning 0930 hrs. One of the lads from the gym are taking us to the airport with a couple of others to see us off.

So how has our 6 months been in Thailand this time. Well to be very honest its been so so, we picked the wrong location Bangtoa north of Patong. The village is a Muslim village which we did not no about, but do not get the wrong Idea the people have been great and made us more then welcome. The problem is that there are no bars to visit and eating out is very limited and there is no night life. If we had gone down to Patong then it would have been different, also the beach is nowhere near as good and clean as Patong beach.

Also we will not miss being woken up at 0500 hrs every morning with their early morning prayers. But I have to say living in a Muslim community has been no problem at all, so don t stereo type them all as being bad.

India here we come again for 5 months and we are so looking forward to it. Where will we go after India who knows but I think we will be heading back to Europe, in fact the better half is saying we WILL be of to Europe. We have been travelling around Asia for the last 5 years and a change is called for we think.

Will blog again when we get to India and show and tell you how the journey went fingers x it goes to plan but we shall see.

Finally the book is still selling well so a big thank you to those that have brought it. See you next week Steve.

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